Dorchester Community Center Rental

The Dorchester Community Center is now available for rentals. Current availability includes Saturdays and Sundays; one rental per day. Maximum capacity is 80 guests.
Please call the center office at (301) 893-9310 or stop by during business hours to book. If leaving a voicemail, please provide your full name, street address, event type, and desired day & time of your event. You will receive a call to confirm or reschedule your appointment by the next business day.
Rental Fees
  • A $200 security deposit is required for all center rentals. This will be refunded to you approximately 30 days after your event, less any charges should there be any.
  • The center rental fee is $55 per hour. Please be sure to include enough time for set up and cleanup during your booked rental time.
  • A security guard is required for events with alcohol, band/DJ, teen parties, and rentals past 6pm. The security guard fee is $45 per hour. *Note, there is a 4-hour minimum for security guards, who remain on the premises for the duration of the event rental.
Rental Requirements
You must be a Dorchester resident in good standing (HOA assessment paid, with no outstanding balances owed).
A rental contract must be completed by the Dorchester resident requesting the rental. Contracts are completed at Dorchester Community Center Office. The rental contract must be completed within one week of rental request. The $200 security deposit is due at contract signing. Rental fee (and security fee, if applicable) must be paid three weeks prior to the event.
The contract signer must be present at the function for the duration of the event. Chaperones are required for 21 and under events. There must be one chaperone per eight guests.