Community Details

Community Center
The Dorchester Community Center is located at 5005 Dorchester Circle.
Phone Number: 301-893-9310
2024 Office Hours: 
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday: 3pm-7pm 
Tuesday: By Appointment Only
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 10am-1pm (2nd Saturday of Every Month)
Dorchester Community Access Cards (DCACs)
PLEASE NOTE: Dorchester Community Access Cards (DCACs) will no longer be printed at this time.
The Pool Pass System will be replaced prior to the 2024 Pool Season. Once installed, all website members will receive an email notifying them that pool passes can be issued with instructions on how to schedule an appointment.
If you need access to the tennis courts and do not have any household DCAC cards to use, please call the Community Center Office at (301) 893-9310 to request a tennis pass. If leaving a message, please advise your name, street address and phone number when requesting your pass.