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Dorchester associations include Dorchester Landings, Dorchester Townhomes, Chestnut Woods and Dorchester Neighborhood.
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Dorchester Community Center Office Hours:
Monday 1:00 PM 7:00 PM
Tuesday 12:00 PM 6:00 PM
Wednesday 1:00 PM 7:00 PM
Thursday 12:00 PM 6:00 PM
Saturday - -
Occasionally, the office may be closed due to unforeseen circumstances.
In the event of a closure, please contact Clements Bay Management Group at (301) 392-9456.

Charles County Sheriff's Office:  
NON EMERGENCY:  (301) 932-2222
For all EMERGENCIES dial 911 
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News & Announcements
Resident Reminder: Please Properly Discard Trash and Clean Up after Pets!
Posted on 10/05/22
Dorchester Neighborhood Association would like to give residents a reminder to clean up after your pets and properly discard of trash.
Residents are responsible for picking up after their pets, especially in common areas, sidewalks, etc. Please use the pet stations or bring along materials to properly pick-up after pets. 
Residents are responsible for properly disposing of trash. Please use the trash cans throughout the community to properly dispose of trash. 
Let's work together to keep our community clean for all residents and guests!
Resident Reminder: Observe Charles County Noise Ordinance!
Posted on 09/19/22
Please Observe the Charles County Noise Ordinance Night Time Hours from 10PM-7AM.
Residents have reported an increase in Noise Complaints in the area recently. Charles County Noise Ordinance designates the hours between 10PM-7AM as Night Time Hours for the welfare of Charles County residents.
Violations can result in civil infractions and fines. Please respect the ordinance and your Dorchester neighbors. 
More information is located on the Charles County website HERE.
Website Under Construction
Posted on 04/06/22
The Dorchester Community website is undergoing a refresh/update. Please pardon the shuffling and broken links as we work to make things easier to find moving forward. If you have a specific request in the meantime, please contact Clements Bay Management Group at 301-392-9456. This process should not take long, but we thank you for your patience and cooperation. 
See Something? Say Something!
Posted on 04/14/15
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